Friday, 28 September 2012


Assalamualaikum and Hello, Beauties!

Wanna have your own side income?
What if you'll get RM50/month? Even it is not much, at least you have some, right?
Biar sedikit asal berkat. Tak gitu?
Eh..RM50 tu byk tau! Lepas nk beli susu/pampers anak, kan?

So, how about bulk order?
Since our products are still new, different from others (felt hairclip/brooch), InsyaAllah you'll get to sell them fast like pisang goreng panas. Even your kids can sell it at school too!

We are offering you THE BEST DEAL here.
RM100 for 50pcs brooches/hair clips (exclude postage RM 6)

Mix both hair clip and brooches, or you can have it either one. 
Designs will be plum blossom, butterfly and gazania hair clips and brooches.
Unfortunately, colors will be various. We will randomly do it for you.

But, Hey! Do inform me if the specific number of design you would like(^V^).

Eg; 10 butterfly brooches 
+ 5 butterfly snap clips 
+ 5 butterfly alligator clips 
+ 20 plum blossom brooches 
+ 10 plum blossom snapclips

YEAY for new side income!
You can sell it for Rm3.70/item or RM 10 /3 items. Nice, kan?
Up to you, Ladies. 
Lagi cepat cik-cik, puan-puan order, lagi cepat dpt untung sbb produk ini LAIN DARI YANG LAIN.

Pesan Mak saya; 
Rezeki berbahagi-bahagi (^^), 
Kalau nk hidup senang, jangan senang sorang-sorang.
Kalau saya tak dpt bantu byk pun, mudah2an dpt bantu ringankan sikit kawan-kawan yg lain, InsyaAllah.