Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Made this with my 4y.o son for my elder sis, a month ago. While we were hot-gluing the strawberries, an ant climbed on the faux cake.

felt, craft, tissue box, cover, faux cake, handmade

Mama : Look Along! Pity this little ant, thinking we are making a real cake.
Along : (Stand up to go somewhere

Mama : Along? Where are you going? We're not done yet.
Along : Wait, wait! I'm searching for some foods to give him. 
Along : Poor little ant, Mama!

MASYAALLAH! Kids are innocent. Pure heart. Not like us, adult.

Mama insaf (-_- ;)

p/s: no, i don't speak english with my kids. haha!


So, Big Sis brought her new tissue box cover to her office.
 (Big Sis SUKA cantik2, maa..)
Her colleagues wanted to have "flowerish-cutey" tissue box cover. Unfortunately, they don't know how to design.
I did some sketches and began the new experiments.

Here goes the "flowerish-cutey" tissue box cover.

sakura, tissue box, cover, felt, craft, handmade, cantik
Felt, craft, tissue box cover, sunflower, cantik, gift, hadiah
 Hope they like it, as much as I do(^^)


What do you think?
Want something like these?

LUCKY! Because we're now open for custom-made order.

Choose your theme and color. We'll design exclusively for you. 

Suitable for;
*birthday gift (long lasting cake ^^)
*anniversary gift
*mothers' day gift
*teachers' day gift
*....(fill in the blank) gift

**SHIPPING NOTE: As most these tissue box cover are made custom just for you, please allow at least 3 days before shipping.

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