Sunday, 6 January 2013


Assalamualaikum and Hello, Darls!

Nothing new. 
Just want to share some SWEET stories during carnival end of December last year.

Sweet Story 1:
One guy came and spontaneously said,
"Eh?! Cantik-cantiknya brooch kt sini"
My mother, who was there said to him, 
"Encik, beli la utk girlfriend encik" 
He replied,"Saya xde girlfriend. Ni nk beli utk org rumah saya ni"

He was there for quite a long time. Belek sana. Tenung sini. Check itu. Acu sini.

While choosing,
" Haih....semua cute-cute ni. Saya jd xtau mana satu nk pilih"
"Saya juga yang nk tgk dia pakai kt rumah. Yg cantik-cantik ni suami je boleh tgk, kan?"
"Org pakai tudung, pakai yg cantik-cantik mcm ni la utk suami"

T.H.A.T  W.A.S  S.W.E.E.T

Finally he chose 3 brooches and 1 big butterfly hair clip for his wifey.

Before he leaved,  i told him that his wifey must be ONE LUCKY WIFE to have such a SWEET HUSBAND.


Sweet Story 2:

A mother with 4 girls came to our booth. 

Her 2nd daughter around 9y.o ask me, 
"Acik, cekak rambut ade x?"

Luckily we have one left since it was my last day at the carnival.
I showed her a cream plum blossom headband,
 "Yang ini je yg tinggal syg..."

Then, I asked her,"Adik nk beli utk siapa ni?"

While paying with the money in her hand, happily she answered, "Nak beli utk adik ni" referring to her younger sister (maybe she is 7y.o) next to her.

I still remember the younger sister's smile when her elder sister gave her a new headband.

"Terima kasih, Angah!"

I told the mother that she has such a SWEET loving daughters.



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