Saturday, 1 December 2012


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Assalamualaikum and Happy Day to all Beauty Ladies~

First of all, no matter what, I believe each and everyone in this world is BEAUTIFUL. 
Yes, ALLAH's creations are beautiful. 
ALHMDULILLAH, Praise to ALLAH The All Mighty.

So, what's new?
Good news to all B2B out there.

We're making a special BUNGA TELUR for door gift.
What is so special?

felt, sunflower, handmade, wedding, doorgift, murah, bunga, hair accessories

See the above picture?
OK, ignore the 'cincai-boncai' sketch.
What we want to show is, the flower attached to the 'bunga telur' is actually a BROOCH/ HAIRCLIP/HAIRBAND/HANDPHONE CHARM. BEST, kan?

Why did we design this?
Because I personally feel like there are so much waste in Malay weddings. Don't get me wrong, ladies. I'm married too! It was 6 years ago. I write this based on my experience. From what I've gone through, MONEY IS NOT TO BE WASTED ON UNNECESSARY THINGS. THE MONEY IS MORE IMPORTANT AFTER YOUR 'BIG-ONE-DAY' EVENT. 

Unlike any other 'bunga telur', we're offering you something that is useful for your guests. Something that they could remember your BIG DAY. Just like some brides, they give MUGS, TEDDY BEAR HANDPHONE CHARM as their door gifts. They use it, you'll get the reward in term of 'pahala' from Allah. BEST, kan? 

Why must you waste buying a quite expensive porcelain 'bekas telur' or admirable-classy-stunning 'bunga telur' because at the end the recipients will not make full use of it. Worse case, they just throw it away( T_T )  (In my MIL case, she recycled them when there is any small event like 'kenduri aqiqah'. As for my father, he gathered all the 'bunga telur' he received and GAVE THEM to me to turned them into any craft) 

So, here goes the deal.

felt, flower, bunga, murah, hair accessories, wedding, door gift, bunga telur

You'll get A BROOCH/HAIRCLIP/HANDPHONE STRAP flower attached to your bunga telur.
Remember, the price offered is actually the price of a single brooch/hairclip we sell at normal price. Only for this offer, you'll get ONE SET OF BUNGA TELUR (including the ribbon and the net) 


bunga telur, murah, wedding door gift, iris, hair accessories, handphone charm

bunga telur, rose, kanzashi, wedding door gift, murah, hair accessories

Oooops! Note the same ribbon color? This is only sample.
We'll arrange so that the outcome will be outstanding.

What are you waiting for?
Choose your wedding color theme.
Choose your preferable flower.
Place your order now!

RM5/pcs. Free postage for 100 pcs order.
This offer valid until 30th NOVEMBER. 
After that, the price will be different.

10% of your purchase will be donated to Rohingya Muslims or Syria Care (will give the link later)
InsyaAllah, your big day will be blessed.

Any inquiries, do not hesitate to ask, k?



zobey said...

Is this brooch or hair clip still available this year or do u have any newer items for sale? :) could i have the price for it too...tq


Hai ms. zobey,

may i know which hair clip are you referring too? the satin iris or felt himawari? both were already sold out. but remaking it is not a problem.

since the promotion is already over, the price of each hair clip is RM7 each. if you're interested, we can custom made your hair clip base on your preferable color, design, size and mounting style.

tq for asking, ms. zobey.

pst...r u studying in gifu univ.