Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Sponsor GA


Assalamualaikum and Hello, Beauties!

Sorry for the very long silence. Forgot to bring along my laptop's "life" together with me. I left the adapter back at mom's house(T_T)

Now, I have problem typing with Mr.CEO's transformed-Japanese-keyboard.{OK, "transform" is not the right vocab, I know} Just ignore that. Don't know how to describe here.

And yes, my pixies are all in my laptop. So, I'm picture-less now. Just bare with my picture-less update, k?

So, back to the title, "Sponsor GA". We are one of the sponsors of 

Year End Give Away is organized by Eca from cerita dari hati. Read her blog, Ladies! She shares sooo much blogging tutorials and YUMMYLIOUS Sabahan food pixies  (Yes, I LOIKE FOODS! Who doesnt?)

One lucky winner will get this from us.

kanzashi, accessory, getah rambut, hair band, brooch, hijab, tudung

You can choose the design, color, size and mounting style you like. 
BEST, kan?

So, hurry up! The GA will end in 4 days. Tik..tok..tik..tok! 
Here is the link for  Giveaway #4

 Dont forget to ask your friends to join too! 
The more the merrier!

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